PowderMod. ® additives enable the creation of tailor-made solutions for industrial and manufacturing firms across a range of industries. Every solution encompasses the selection of appropriate materials followed by the production of functionalised polymers in solid free-flowing form, always designed specifically with the intended application in mind.

Our self-designed manufacturing process allows for chemicals with different properties and original shapes to be combined. This gives rise an extraordinarily high degree of homogeneity and opens up a range of potential new applications.

Functionalised polymers are used in a range of industries, including plastics technology and the chemical sector, where polymers are used in granule or powder form.

The products achieved at the end of the process are combinations of polymers and additives in liquid or solid form. All materials comply with the latest version of the European Chemicals Regulation (REACH).

Our novel production technology secures superior quality.

PowderMod. ® - tailor-made modifiers for wood coatings
PowderMod. ® - tailor-made modifiers for plastics
PowderMod. ® - tailor-made modifiers for powder coatings
PowderMod. ® - tailor-made modifiers for architecture
PowderMod. ® - tailor-made modifiers for coil coatings