PowderMod. ® increase sliding properties on surfaces


When two bodies move against each other, this gives rise to sliding friction. PowderMod. ® reduces the sliding friction force on surfaces and therefore also the initial expenditure of energy required. Possible applications exist in the sports, leisure and other sectors.

PowderMod. ® increases scratch resistance of different applications

Scratch resistance

The hardness of a surface is defined as the resistance of the material to permanent deformation. PowderMod. ® increases the scratch resistance of various end products, thereby preventing the wear of coatings. Applications include the treatment of external facades that are accessible by foot.

PowderMod. ® increases the homogeneity of multiphase systems


PowderMod. ® has very good incorporation properties and and improves the homogeneity of multiphase systems. As a result, problems with segregation in plastic applications can largely be eliminated and processing properties significantly improved.

PowderMod. ® can artificially create structures


Certain structures are sometimes favoured due to their visual appearance. PowderMod. ® allows the artificial production of structures with aesthetically desired effects, for example in the field of pigment dispersion or on smooth surfaces.

PowderMod. ® offers appropriate solutions and remains easy to process


When light is reflected by a mirrored surface, this results in surface gloss. The opposite of this is the diffuse reflection of light, which results in dullness. PowderMod. ® offers solutions for both ends of the spectra whilst always retaining good processing properties.

PowderMod. ® is suitable for wear-resistant surfaces

Wear resistance

Thanks to its perfect homogeneity and ease of incorporation, PowderMod. ® is suitable for wear-resistant surfaces. This is of particular importance in the field of industrial applications, e.g. in plastic gears.

PowderMod. ® - tailor-made micronized waxes