Tailor-made functionalised modifiers

Tailor-made functionalised modifiers

PowderMod. ® - tailor-made surface modifiers


PowderMod. ® additives enable the creation of tailor-made solutions for industrial and manufacturing firms across a range of industries. Every solution encompasses the selection of appropriate materials followed by the production of functionalised polymers in solid free-flowing form, always designed specifically with the intended application in mind.

Our self-designed manufacturing process allows for chemicals with different properties and original shapes to be combined. This gives rise an extraordinarily high degree of homogeneity and opens up a range of potential new applications.

Functionalised polymers are used in a range of industries, including plastics technology and the chemical sector, where polymers are used in granule or powder form.

The products achieved at the end of the process are combinations of polymers and additives in liquid or solid form. All materials comply with the latest version of the European Chemicals Regulation (REACH).

Our novel production technology secures superior quality.

PowderMod. ® - tailor-made modifiers for wood coatings
PowderMod. ® - tailor-made modifiers for plastics
PowderMod. ® - tailor-made modifiers for powder coatings
PowderMod. ® - tailor-made modifiers for architecture
PowderMod. ® - tailor-made modifiers for coil coatings


PowderMod. ® additives enable a diverse profile of properties to be combined in a single product. Our formulas can be adjusted to suit any application and enable us to enhance the properties of a product in accordance with its end use.

Our products are available in both granule and powder form. Upon special request, they can also be provided as liquids. The structure of PowderMod. ® additives give rise to unique benefits that are utilised across various areas of the chemical industry.

We offer a broad range of tailor-made products that are available worldwide and produced in a number of variants to suit the needs of individual clients.

Thanks to our combination of specially developed measurement and testing technologies, we are able to reproduce a wide range of qualitative and quantitative properties with a high degree of precision.

PowderMod. ® - tailor-made surface modifiers


PowderMod. ® increase sliding properties on surfaces


When two bodies move against each other, this gives rise to sliding friction. PowderMod. ® reduces the sliding friction force on surfaces and therefore also the initial expenditure of energy required. Possible applications exist in the sports, leisure and other sectors.

PowderMod. ® increases scratch resistance of different applications

Scratch resistance

The hardness of a surface is defined as the resistance of the material to permanent deformation. PowderMod. ® increases the scratch resistance of various end products, thereby preventing the wear of coatings. Applications include the treatment of external facades that are accessible by foot.

PowderMod. ® increases the homogeneity of multiphase systems


PowderMod. ® has very good incorporation properties and and improves the homogeneity of multiphase systems. As a result, problems with segregation in plastic applications can largely be eliminated and processing properties significantly improved.

PowderMod. ® can artificially create structures


Certain structures are sometimes favoured due to their visual appearance. PowderMod. ® allows the artificial production of structures with aesthetically desired effects, for example in the field of pigment dispersion or on smooth surfaces.

PowderMod. ® offers appropriate solutions and remains easy to process


When light is reflected by a mirrored surface, this results in surface gloss. The opposite of this is the diffuse reflection of light, which results in dullness. PowderMod. ® offers solutions for both ends of the spectra whilst always retaining good processing properties.

PowderMod. ® is suitable for wear-resistant surfaces

Wear resistance

Thanks to its perfect homogeneity and ease of incorporation, PowderMod. ® is suitable for wear-resistant surfaces. This is of particular importance in the field of industrial applications, e.g. in plastic gears.

PowderMod. ® - tailor-made micronized waxes
PowderMod. ® - superior functional | tailor-made functional modifiers

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