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Surface modifiers - micronized polymers

Surface modifiers - micronized polymers


PowderMod.® coating additives. Surface modifiers provide effective solutions for improving the functional and aesthetic properties of high-performance coatings.

Our unique manufacturing processes offer the best particle size distribution and the highest attainable homogeneity available on the market.

Micronized, surface modifying polymers are used in many industries, such as plastics, inks, paints, and coatings (powder coating modification).

The combination of waxes made of polyamide, polyethylene and polypropylene - combined with PTFE and other polymers - gives each application the desired effect. To help the recipe manufacturers develop their full potential of creativity, our products improve features such as texturing, gloss and matting as well as scratch and abrasion resistance.

Our novel production technology secure superior quality.

Products (Surface modifiers, coating additives, powder coating modification)

As a supplier of high-tech surface modifiers, we encourage recipe manufacturers to enhance and protect the appearance of coatings permanently.

PowderMod.® additives are available as micronised powders or in liquid form upon special request, are designed to offer unique advantages for can, coil and wood coatings as well as for architectural applications.

Our wide range of tailor-made products which we manufacture in different particle size distributions depending on the specific individual requirements are available worldwide.

A strong focus on tight process control and quality measurement for each delivery guarantees the highest quality standards.

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