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1020 P


is a micronized, highly efficient, combination of PTFE and Fischer-Tropsch-Wax to produce a uniform high abrasion resistant surface texture in powder coatings and liquid systems.


  • Low addition rates
  • Excellent texturing
  • Increases matted appearance
  • Increased scratch resistance

Physical characteristics:

  • Appearance: free-flowing powder
  • Color: white
  • Particle size (laser diffraction): d50: <100 µm
  • Melting point: 110 °C
  • Density (20 °C): 1,02 g/cm³


PowderMod 1020 P is designed for powder coating applications and liquid paints.

Recommended Dosage:

The recommended dosage level is between 0,5 and 2% based on total weight and depend on the required level of matting and texture.


  • Powder coatings: The product can be incorporated into the mixture prior to extrusion with sufficient mixing for uniform distribution.
  • Liquid paints: The powder should preferably be incorporated at the end of the production process.


The product must be stored under dry conditions between 5 and 30 °C in closed storage areas.


PowderMod. 1020 P is available in 20 kg bags.


For further information read the material safety data sheet (MSDS). For the current state of regulations for materials come into contact with food please contact us directly.